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Choice Guides is an independent online publication launched in May 2022. Founded by a highly motivated leader with a love of simplicity. With over 25 years experience in the Direct Marketing Industry, we know how complex and difficult it is to navigate through the torrent and hype in the market.

The Founder aims to create a publication that showcases multiple categories of the best, top trending, and most liked products and services, starting with products the founder and the team are passionate about!

Let’s begin with the story of coffee! Why Coffee? Well, it’s how the Founder starts the day! With a Ridiculously Good Espresso! She shares her story like this:

“The beginning of my coffee journey started at home. Growing up in an Italian household, one of my first chores was to make the morning coffee. Umm… pure delight waking up to the delicious aroma and flavor of coffee. I learned to use the "Cafetiere," Italian for Moka Pot, to make the coffee for the “Olds!” My first introduction to the glorious espresso!

“My coffee journey continued while still in high school, in my parents' restaurant. I had to learn to make “Café Lattes” and “Cappuccinos.” Learning the art of frothing the milk was the hardest to master. There were no “barista” classes, so I learned by doing!

“Growing up in Sydney, I was fortunate to experience the “Great Café Culture” that is unique to Australia! Australians do love a good cup of coffee. The thriving café scene is diverse, characterful, and top-notch. Apart from brilliant brunch options, it is the care and value that coffee is given that stands out! I like to say that the Italians introduced “Coffee and Espresso” to Australia, but the Australians perfected it!

“Taking a gap year, I began my travel adventure around the globe! One place that stood out for me was Japan! I was misguided by the idea that the Japanese only drank “Tea” - Not so!

"Having lived and worked in Japan, I got to experience the many cafés around Tokyo! The Japanese embrace a diverse range of coffee offerings and cultural approaches. Coffee lounges in Japan have long been established, evolving from traditional Japanese tea rooms.

"The cafes in Tokyo serve every kind of coffee drink conceivable and have all the different gear to make them! Unlike Australia, which concentrates mainly on the Espresso Machine for the perfect brew! Japan was truly ahead of the cold brew craze now emerging in the rest of the world. The concept of exceptional, rare, and carefully brewed coffee is also well-established in Japan.

“After traveling the world, my coffee journey continued!

"Starting a new business, we used to have coffee runs to a small local coffee roaster. The team would take turns getting the morning and afternoon coffee for the staff. After a few years of this ritual, I bought my first Espresso Machine. Italy put out the very first domestic version of the Espresso Machine long before the Breville evolution.

“It was so beautiful! Italian-made and designed. It is fair to say, I was rather excited! We were now having the perfect coffee extraction right in our office! That, together with a great coffee roast, kept the staff super productive, releasing their creative juices with a fresh brew! And the boss – Happy! Her favorite brew in hand, rearing to get the day rolling!

“There are now many other exciting and influential coffee scenes around the world, but Australia is still pretty special to me! It is for “The Love of Coffee” that we have decided to start our publication with this particular category!

"Starting the day with a great cup of coffee is the essence of what we do to get the day off to a roaring start!

"With our Coffee Guides, we get the coffee noobs home brewing like a pro!”

It is this coffee journey that has inspired us to bring to you not only the highest quality coffees, but also a commitment to ethical and sustainable products, so you get to experience the best across the full range of our product categories!

Stay tuned for our Next Releases and Categories as they roll out!

It is our wish that you are enriched, that you love, and will benefit from what we provide!



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