Why is finding the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee so exciting among Coffee Enthusiasts?

There is nothing that beats the taste of a Cold Brew coffee for a unique and flavorful experience!

Many coffee drinkers prefer cold brew coffee because it tends to have a smooth flavor, a rich sweetness, a very gentle hint of acidity, and virtually no bitterness with a smooth, mellow taste.

This taste profile is because the cold water used in the brewing process removes some of those bitter flavors, which means you'll be left with that smooth java flavor we all love so much.

Taste the flavor, enjoy the moment, and share in a brew full of character!

Great for your next favorite brew, whether served hot, cold, or blended with milk, or creamer.

Read on to find out more about the best Cold Brew coffee for your next delicious enjoyment!

How We Choose the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee!

You've decided that you want to start cold brewing coffee, but with so many options it's hard to know where to start.

Just like anything else, when it comes to coffee there are a lot of choices and it can be tough to find the right one for you.

Not to worry! We've done the hard work for you and have found the best Cold Brew ground coffee out there. Our list includes unique flavors and blends that will make your taste buds happy!

We have included some great cold brew ground coffee options like:

  • Organic Elixir, Carbon Negative, Sweet, Silky Richness, Fruit & Floral Notes, Cocoa Infused!
  • Coarse-Ground Coffee, Creamy & Mellow With Hints of Milk Chocolate & Smooth Finish!
  • Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica, Smooth & Sweet Blend With Notes of Caramel & Hazelnut!
  • Special Blend, Coffee, Chicory & Spices, Keto & Vegan!
  • Organic, Dark Roast, Lion's Mane & Chaga Mushroom, Great Immune Support & Antioxidants!
  • Dark Roast Decaf, Low Acid, Silky Texture & Sweet Aroma with Notes of Toasted Nuts!

Have a look at what we found to satisfy your interest in the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee!

Best Sweet, Silky Richness, Bright Fruit & Floral Notes, Cocoa Infused!

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Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Tiny Footprint Coffee presents its Cold Brew & Press Elixir!

At Tiny Footprint Coffee, they pour endless hours into sourcing the finest, sustainably grown organic Arabica coffee beans. This Fair Trade coffee is sourced from small, family-owned farms that grow some of the most beautiful, best-tasting coffees on the planet.

A blend crafted perfectly for cold brew. This Cold Press Elixir is a mix of light and dark roasts spiked with their best Ethiopian coffees.

Sweet, silky richness with subtle flavor notes of bright fruit and floral tones infused in a cocoa-like body.

Small batch craft roasted in a carbon-negative vintage 90-kilo German-built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners, delivering perfectly roasted coffee every time.

Each pound brews 1.35 gallons of ready-to-drink cold brew (1:6 brew ratio and 1:1 dilution)

Comes in 16-ounce ground coffee in fully bio-degradable coffee bags!

Some Things You Should Know

Tiny Footprint Coffee is the world’s first carbon-negative coffee. Through a unique collaboration between Roastery 7 and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, one, an Artisan coffee roastery, and the other a nonprofit conservation organization, the two teamed up to create the ultimate combination of good karma.

So, how is this coffee carbon-negative you might ask? It’s simple, really. It takes 4 lbs. of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb. of coffee. For every pound that’s sold, they donate a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest.

Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere. More CO2 is removed than emitted. The reforestation efforts along the Northwestern Andes of Ecuador help to plant native tree species throughout the Mindo Cloud Forest region in heavily deforested areas.

These trees not only sequester massive amounts of carbon from the air, but also provide habitat to hundreds of local bird species, reinforce soil conservation techniques, and rebuild water tables.

The Mindo Cloudforest Foundation works directly with local landowners to provide jobs related to the care and redevelopment of the cloud forest. Making coffee great takes time, effort, and passion.

Climate Pledge Friendly and USDA Organic Certified.

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Welcome to Cameron's Coffee Original Cold Brew Blend!  Bringing you the perfect cup straight to your kitchen!

Always smooth and never bitter 100% Premium Arabica Beans Cold Brew Blend. Hand-crafted in small batches, leaving you with a craveable cup of coffee that's never over-roasted.

Positively focused, from roasting in small batches to reducing water consumption, Cameron’s is committed to making every coffee brighter! Creating positive change means caring about the coffee, farmers, and the environment.

Medium roast, coarse ground, and ready to cold brew. This coffee is creamy and mellow with hints of milk chocolate and finishes smooth, perfect for a summer day. Specifically blended for Cold Brew, bringing out the complex flavors without the bitterness of over-roasting.

Dedicated to crafting the perfect coffee for you to brew at home—made for you, not baristas. No fluff, no lines, just full-flavored specialty coffee brewed at home.

Offered in a 12-Ounce Bag of Ground Coffee, Taste the flavor, enjoy the moment, and share in a cup of coffee so full of character.

Some Things You Should Know

Since 1978, Cameron's has been a name synonymous with specialty coffee rich in flavor, yet subtle and complex. Purchasing specialty grade, Arabica coffee beans from around the globe. The quality and consistency of their coffee are sure to please even the most sophisticated coffee drinker.

Cameron's Coffee’s caring about the environment, from reduced water consumption while roasting to using recycled paperboard in their eco pods, and packaging to sending coffee-by-product to a local composting facility is proud to minimize carbon footprint.

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Presenting Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee for busy people!

Specialty Grade, sustainably sourced organic 100% Arabica ethically sourced from Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua.

Freshly roasted and prepared right here in the USA.

Bizzy always try to use the most sustainable materials in their products without degrading the quality of the coffee.

Engineered and optimized for cold brewing! Coarse ground, micro-sifted coffee blend to give you a consistent, extra smooth cold brew!

Deliciously balanced with notes of caramel and hazelnut. This medium roast strikes a perfect balance of smooth and sweet.

Brew your cold brew how you would like. Add more water for a less strong cold brew or less water for a stronger beverage. Giving you will give you the highest quality cold brew at the best price!

Comes in a 1-pound bag of ground coffee. The perfect glass of cold brew coffee every single time, no matter how you choose to brew it.

Some Things You Should Know

When Alex and Andrew started Bizzy Coffee in 2015, they set out to create the most-sustainable cold brew in the world without sacrificing quality or taste. As the business has grown, the mission has remained the same.

Bizzy continues to source premium, organic coffee, scrutinizing every step in the coffee lifecycle from farm to cup. They hope you enjoy Bizzy Coffee as much as they enjoy making it.

Since the beginning, they've taken pride in crafting and sharing responsibly sourced USDA organic and Climate Pledge Friendly coffee.

Best Special Blend of Coffee, Chicory & Spices, Keto & Vegan!

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Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Welcome to Grady's Cold Brew Coffee, Coarse Ground Coffee!

Medium dark roast, loose, coarse ground coffee yields 24 servings of cold brew concentrate ready to brew yourself.

The famous special blend of coffee, with chicory, and spices.

Easy to use, there is no need to buy expensive coffee when Grady's makes it simple to make, New Orleans-style Cold Brew right from your own refrigerator.

Steep in cold water for at least 12 hours (no more than 24) remove bags, and your cold brew concentrate is ready to enjoy! Mix concentrate equal parts with milk of choice or water for a black cup!

A healthy and delicious brew! All Natural, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, and it's low calorie!

This is the one coffee you’ll be willing to spend your money on. Chicory makes it smooth, while the coffee beans make it strong. You can drink this coffee without the need to make it sweeter.

Comes in 16 ounces of coarse-ground coffee. Yields approximately 24 servings of cold brew concentrate.

Some Things You Should Know

Grady’s Cold Brew brought about the BIY revolution back in 2014 with the launch of their Bean Bags.™

A first-of-their-kind solution for no-muss, no-fuss cold brew coffee.

Each bag contains its signature blend of coffee, chicory, and spices. Just drop in water and it steeps while you sleep, brewing the perfect batch of New Orleans-style cold brew coffee concentrate every time.

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Welcome to Four Sigmatic Organic Cold Brew Coffee Grounds with a difference for everyday Magic!

Sourced quality Arabica coffee beans from Pacayal Coffee, a family-run co-op located 5,500 feet above sea level in southwest Honduras. Plus, it’s Fair Trade.

Dark roast, premium organic coffee coarse grounds is blended and paired with two astoundingly effective ingredients, Lion's Mane and Chaga Mushroom Extract creating a Cold Brew Mushroom Coffee for Crash-Free Focus and steady energy.

Organic Chaga Extract: 250mg of wild-harvested Siberian Chaga mushroom for immune support. Made only from wood-grown fruiting bodies, it is organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and carriers.

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract: 250mg of pure, wood-grown organic lion’s mane mushroom extract. Only the fruiting bodies of the fungi are extracted, resulting in a product that's free from fillers and carriers. (no mycelium or grains here) to unlock the best of the best benefits.

Let this coffee sit overnight in the fridge to steep for a delicious, smooth, and flavorful cup! Power on creative focus and immune support, over a nice glass of ice-perfect brew!

Add a productive oomph to your day without the jitters or mid-day crashes!

Available in a 12oz Bag. Brew your new favorite cold brew with this special blend.

Some Things You Should Know

Four Sigmatic’s Finnish grandparents brewed mushrooms when they couldn’t get coffee. Turns out those mushrooms, Chaga, are a powerful, immune-supporting food. That gave them an idea.

Searched and exhaustively studied, practically-magic ingredients to add to their daily go-tos. Guess what? Organic coffee plus Chaga is chaga-bly delicious and remarkably good at balancing caffeine.

Organic Lion’s Mane is known as a natural nootropic with abilities to support focus, concentration, and productivity.

Known as the King of Mushrooms, Chaga has an abundance of antioxidant properties. Your daily bodyguard as it supports your immune system!

Climate Pledge Friendly and USDA Organic certified!

Best Silky Texture & Sweet Aroma with Notes of Toasted Nuts!

Maud's Tall Dark & Handsome Dark Roast Decaf Cold Brew Ground Coffee, Low Acid!

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Presenting Maud's Tall Dark and Handsome Decaf Cold Brew Ground Coffee!

It all starts at the coffee farm, sourcing high-quality, organic, 100% Arabica beans that are Fair Trade from premier growing regions around the globe.

On their way to your cup, these flavorful beans get a California tan, Dark Roasted to perfection by the 5th generation roast master who carefully roasts the beans in small batches for an epic taste and quality.

Shipped fresh to your door so you can brew the perfect pour every time!

Produced and ground in their 100% Solar Energy Powered San Diego facility.

This dark roast, decaf Cold Brew coffee blend is a full-bodied, ultra-smooth, naturally low-acid brew. Providing a silky texture and sweet aroma that carries notes of toasted nuts, Easy on the stomach.

This hand-crafted coffee is the most popular and world-renowned! Easy to make, it is a perfectly balanced cup that's drinkable any time of the day! Enjoy a cup a day for almost an entire month, hot or cold! Rich, strong, and flavorful.

Offered in a 10oz bag will give you 20 to 25 cups. Just scoop two tablespoons for every 8 ounces of water and let steep for 8-12 hours. The perfect no-caffeine robust pick-me-up beverage!

Some Things You Should Know

A local small business completely operated by family and friends located in sunny San Diego, California.

A message from the founder at Maud's: “Years ago my wife and I were sitting at the dinner table with our two daughters, Maddie and Audrey. We were discussing our new business of producing coffee pods for various brands when my wife suddenly became inspired to create a family brand. We decided to use that inspiration by combining our daughters' names to create Maud's Coffee & Tea! Brew Some Blends With Family & Friends.”

All of Maud's products are created with 100% Solar Energy and 100% recyclable coffee and tea pods are made from recyclable #5 plastic materials and feature easy peel tabs to ensure recyclability across the USA. Here's your chance to make a global impact, please do your part and recycle your pods!

Maud's goal is to be carbon neutral by 2024.

FAQs About the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee!

Trying a new coffee can be an adventure, but it's hard to know which one is best.

With all of the different brands and types of coffee on the market, it can be hard to figure out the one you are going to love the most!

We've created a comprehensive buyer's guide of Frequently Asked Questions to help you choose the best for your taste and flavor preference!

This guide will help you understand what to look for when choosing the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee!

What is Special About Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a unique and delicious take on the classic "drip coffee! Instead of using hot water to extract flavor like regular coffee, cold brew uses room temperature or cold water over an extended amount of time. This process creates a smoother, less acidic flavor than your typical cup of joe. Not only does this make it tasty, but surprisingly enough it's also healthier for you! Because there's so little acidity in cold brew coffee, you don't end up needing to add creamer, sugar, and milk in order to mask it. If you choose to indulge in it, you can feel better about getting that boost of antioxidants!

What Does Cold Brew Taste Like?

Cold brew coffee is one of the most popular ways to enjoy java! It has a smooth flavor and a rich sweetness which makes it even more delicious. There's just a light hint of acidity, making it super approachable to those who may not usually prefer coffee due to its strong bitterness. Cold brew doesn't have the same aroma that hot brewed coffee does, however, it still packs quite a punch when it comes to taste!

Is Cold Brew Coffee Sweet or Bitter?

Enjoying a delicious cold brew coffee is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. A regular brewed cup of joe has a bold and slightly bitter taste, and a cold brew has less of those intense flavors, making it much sweeter and more mellow. This flavor difference is due to the colder water used in the brewing process which reduces the bitterness and creates that rich and smooth flavor coffee we all love.

What Ground Coffee is Best for Cold Brew?

Cold-brew coffee offers a flavorful option that requires very little effort. The best grind for cold brew is getting coarsely ground coffee is a must! Coarse grinds allow for the cold water to circulate more freely, ensuring optimal extraction. If you're using pre-ground coffee, make sure to check the label so you know what size of grind you're getting. It is suggested something just a bit coarser than you'd use for a standard pour-over. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most coarse), recommend a seven or so.

Can You Cold Brew Regular Ground Coffee?

Did you know you can cold brew your regular ground coffee? That's right!   All you'll need is some fine ground coffee, room-temperature water, and a bit of patience! Of course, if you use a finer grind, you may have to throw in extra scoops of coffee in order to get the same strength as with a coarser grind, you'll love this delicious coffee!

Is Medium or Dark Roast Better for Cold Brew?

When it comes down to medium or dark roast coffee for cold brew, the verdict is largely in. Dark roasts are certainly more common when it comes to making cold brews!  This is because the bitterness and acidity of the beans are eliminated, allowing the taster to experience the subtler notes of the bean. Cold brew made from dark roasts also tends to pair wonderfully with other additions such as milk or creamers, allowing you to get the exact flavor experience you're looking for.

How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup for Cold Brew?

When making cold brew coffee, the ratio of coffee grind to water is very important. To get the perfect cup of cold brew, all you have to do is use 1 ounce (or 28 grams) of ground coffee for each cup of water, about 1/4 cup of whole beans yields roughly 1/2 cup of ground beans. Be careful not to grind your beans too fine as that can lead to a more bitter taste. However, feel free to experiment with different ratios and find the one that suits your tastes best! Enjoy your homemade cold brew!

What Makes Cold Brew Taste Better?

When making a cold brew, a great way to add a unique and subtle flavor is to incorporate the natural flavors of shredded coconut into your brew. How you do it is completely up to you! You can simply add some of the shredded bits into the beans when you start brewing for a strong, authentic coconut taste. But if you want something extra special, try mixing your coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil or cream of coconut for an even more decadent beverage. Delicious!

How Long Should Cold Brew Steep?

If you've ever wondered how long should the cold brewing process take, consider this: the perfect amount of time is somewhere between 14-18 hours. For most recipes, 16 hours tends to be spot on; but anywhere between 14-18 will result in a nicely brewed batch of cold brew. The water and coffee reach an equilibrium after this amount of time, which significantly slows down any further extraction of flavor compounds. This means that if your cold brew has already been steeping for 15 hours instead of 16, don't worry! You're still likely to get a delicious cup of joe from your own home brewing!

What is the Golden Ratio for Cold Brew?

Cold brew coffee has been gaining popularity in recent years and it pays to know the right proportions of coffee to water for the perfect cup every time. The Golden Ratio for cold brew is a 1:8 ratio, which means for every single gram of ground coffee you'll be using 8 grams of water. Unlike other ratios, measuring with a scale will yield more consistent results than measuring with tablespoons or other household measurements, so it pays to invest in a great kitchen scale for your perfect brew!

Is Cold Brew Healthier Than Regular Coffee?

If you’re a coffee drinker, cold brew might be an attractive option for you. Studies conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's nutrition expert Frank Hu show that it can be just as beneficial for your health as regular coffee. Cold brewing is done by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for around 24 hours, which results in lower acidity levels compared to the beloved hot brew. Many people agree that cold brew packs a strong and smooth flavor unlike anything else you've ever tasted! So why not go out and give this cooler alternative a try?

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee With Fine Ground Coffee?

Making homemade cold brew coffee couldn't be easier! With just a few simple steps, you'll be enjoying a delicious, smooth cold brew in no time. Start by adding 1 cup of finer ground coffee to a bowl or pitcher, cover it with 6 cups of cold water, and stir the grounds so they're fully saturated. Then transfer the mixture to your refrigerator and let it sit for 18-20 hours, and voila! You've got yourself an amazing batch of cold brew coffee. This tasty iced beverage is sure to please any coffee lover!

Should I Brew Cold Brew in Fridge?

Brewing cold brew in the fridge is an awesome way to get cold coffee fast, without diluting it with ice! Even if you don't have to pick up your chilled brew right away, room-temperature brewing is just fine too. But if you want it cooled super quickly, a great hack is to fill your tub with ice and water and float the vessel with your freshly filtered cold brew. This will cool it off within minutes and you'll be sipping on a perfect cup of cold brew before you know it!

Why Does Cold Brew Taste Better Than Hot Coffee?

One of the secrets behind why cold brew tastes better than hot coffee lies in the way it's prepared. Cold brewing is a slower process, with the coffee grounds being soaked in cold water for extended periods of time. This method creates a less acidic and smooth coffee. Tests have shown that cold brewing brings out different flavor profiles and can have 66% less acidity and bitterness when compared to a traditional hot cup of coffee methods, the acids that normally become bitter in hot coffee. Switch up your routine and give the cold brew iced coffee a try!

Brewing Instructions

Step 1: Mix it Up

Mixing 1 cup of cold brew grounds with 6-8 cups of water in your cold brew maker of choice (cold brew maker, French press, mason jar, etc.) is recommended.

Step 2: Wait Patiently

Once the ingredients have been mixed, steep them in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.

Step 3: Filter Grounds

After steeping, remove cold brew grounds via your preferred filtration method. If using a cold brew maker, simply remove the mesh infuser. If using a French press, push down on the plunger. If using a mason jar or other container, strain the grounds through a coffee filter or cheesecloth.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Brew!

Step 5: Optional: Chill your brew with coffee ice cubes!

Just before serving, add ice to your glass and serve with water or milk to taste. Enjoy!

What is the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee? Here’s Our Advice!

We’ve provided a variety of the best options for you to choose from based on our thorough research and culling thousands of reviews and ratings from coffee lovers just like you!

So, whether you are looking for a cold brew ground coffee that is:

  • Organic Elixir, Carbon Negative, Sweet, Silky Richness, Fruit & Floral Notes, Cocoa Infused!
  • Coarse-Ground Coffee, Creamy & Mellow With Hints of Milk Chocolate & Smooth Finish!
  • Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica, Smooth & Sweet Blend With Notes of Caramel & Hazelnut!
  • Special Blend, Coffee, Chicory & Spices, Keto & Vegan!
  • Organic, Dark Roast, Lion's Mane & Chaga Mushroom, Great Immune Support & Antioxidants!
  • Dark Roast Decaf, Low Acid, Silky Texture & Sweet Aroma with Notes of Toasted Nuts!

There’s one here you’re just gonna love to brew!!!

We hope that you found this information helpful and that it will help you to get the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee for your next perfect brew.

Need help in choosing the Best old Brew Ground Coffee? Look Here!

Best Sweet, Silky Richness, Bright Fruit & Floral Notes, Cocoa Infused!

Tiny Footprint, Organic Cold Brew & Press Elixir, Ground Coffee, Carbon Negative!

Best Creamy & Mellow With Hints of Milk Chocolate & Smooth Finish!

Cameron's, Original Cold Brew Blend Coarse-Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica!

Best Smooth & Sweet Blend With Notes of Caramel & Hazelnut!

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee, Micro Sifted, Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica!

Best Special Blend of Coffee, Chicory & Spices, Keto & Vegan!

Grady's Cold Brew, Coffee & Chicory Coarse Ground!

Best Smooth Taste & Great Immune Support & Loads of Antioxidants!

Four Sigmatic, Organic Cold Brew Coffee, Dark Roast, Coarse Grounds, Lion's Mane & Chaga Mushroom!

Best Silky Texture & Sweet Aroma with Notes of Toasted Nuts!

Maud's Tall Dark & Handsome Dark Roast Decaf Cold Brew Ground Coffee, Low Acid!  

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the Best Cold Brew Ground Coffee!

We hope we have helped in your Choice of the Best!

Enjoy your Next Favorite Brew!

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