Are you looking for a smooth, bold, and intense coffee? We've got you covered!

Dark roast coffee has a unique flavor that many coffee lovers enjoy. Most are made with Arabica beans, which produce a more flavorful cup of coffee. It's also roasted longer, giving the coffee a more robust flavor.

See our top picks for the best dark roast coffees that are sure to satisfy your cravings for a delicious cup of joe. Give them a try and see which one is your favorite!

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How We Choose the Best Dark Roast Coffee!

We know that it can be hard to choose the Best Dark Roast Coffee that’s unique and unlike any other coffee, you are used to drinking!

All of the different options for coffee can be overwhelming, and it's hard to know which one is the best for you.

Our team has done a very thorough search and read through thousands of the Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans reviews and star ratings to come up with a list that will give you everything your taste buds can handle when it comes time to choose a very special coffee!

We’ve included some great options like Extra Kick of Caffeine; 100% Arabica; 100% Colombian Excelso; Antioxidant-Rich & Low Acid; Specialty Grade; or a Non-GMO coffee.

Have a look at what we found to satisfy your interest in the Best Dark Roast Coffee!

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Looking for a way to kick-start your day? Look no further than Death Wish Coffee, a delicious, bold, smooth, and intense strong coffee that will revolutionize your morning dark roast blend.

A unique and carefully selected blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans will give you that Super Fuel you need to stay energized all day!

This Whole Bean Dark Roast is carefully selected and roasted to perfection, creating a taste experience worthy of its name: never-bitter perfection.

With its cherry and chocolate flavor profile, it's sure to be the perfect pick-me-up for the morning.

And also its sustainable, organic, fair trade coffee comes from all over the world with every bag filled to the brim with whole bean goodness.

They surpass the hype! The flavor is outstanding!

Great for making espresso!

Includes 1 Bag (5 lbs) of strong-ass, Dark Roast Coffee Beans.

Some Things You Should Know

Death Wish Coffee provides premium-quality, organic coffee that is harvested responsibly.

They are so confident that their product will be the best you've ever tasted that they offer a unique promise: If you don't fall in love with their coffee, they will refund your order – no questions asked.

Their commitment to sustainability and quality assurance is backed by USDA Organic certification and Climate Pledge Friendly recognition.

Their coffees feature beans grown with soil and water conservation practices, allowing consumers to enjoy a delicious cup of organic joe while also supporting a sustainable approach toward the environment.

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Come experience dark roast coffee as you've never before with Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's Dark Magic!

It's the perfect blend of intense flavor, natural caffeine, and fragrant aromas to make your morning more enjoyable.

With the incredible aromas of dried fruit and chocolate with a subtly sweet finish, your taste buds will thank you.

Crafted from 100% Arabica coffee beans, this is one coffee that won't compromise on either taste or quality.

This one is simply outstanding as a consistent full-flavored dark roast coffee.

Plus, it's certified Orthodox Union Kosher.

This 18 oz bag of whole bean goodness is perfect as both an everyday treat or special occasion pick-me-up and promises to deliver a truly unforgettable coffee experience.

Some Things You Should Know

The mountains are a special place, and for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters it is where their story began.

It is within these hills that they cultivated an adventurous spirit and instilled a commitment to the lands from which the coffee is sourced.

Conducting business with the utmost integrity, they continually strive to provide customers with a better, richer cup of coffee — brewed from beans harvested with sustainability at the forefront.

It all started in the beautiful, lush mountains and continues still today as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters leads the industry with an uptrend in excellence.

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Are you looking for a coffee with an out-of-this-world flavor? Look no further than Black Rifle Coffee's Whole Bean Beyond Black Dark Roast!

This go-to dark roast is where bold meets delicious. You'll experience a spicy aroma combined with dark chocolate-tasting notes, as well as a satisfying smoky finish.

It's the freshest, strongest, and smoothest coffee around, created from 100% Colombian Excelso beans that are carefully picked from farms in South America and roasted in-house.

Fresh and small-batch roasted Beyond Black blend will give you the awesome flavors you crave and fuel your freedom-loving spirit!

Get your daily fix with this stuff - you can brew it using a drip coffee machine, French press, pour-over, or cold brew for gourmet coffee perfection!

Perfect on its own or as the base for your favorite cup of Joe.

If you want to introduce someone to the world of specialty coffee, then this would make an amazing gift or addition to any man crate.

Pick up your 12-ounce bag of freshness today!

Some Things You Should Know

Evan Hafer started Black Rifle Coffee Company in an effort to provide freshly roasted coffee to the pro-2A and Veteran communities.

He has spent over a decade researching, refining roast profiles, and sampling different coffees. True to their mission, they take pride in the coffee they roast, the Veterans they employ, and the causes they support.

Their signature Beyond Black blend expertly combines tradition and innovation with its bold yet smooth taste.

The color black itself is associated with power, elegance, fear, and mystery; Black Rifle has embraced this challenge by mastering the complexity of roasting quality coffee.

Finally, as a proud American and veteran-owned business, customers can be sure that when buying from Black Rifle not only will you get great-tasting coffee but also gain satisfaction knowing that veterans are supported with every bag purchased!

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Lifeboost dark roast coffee, Non-GMO, organic whole bean, low acid coffee is high in flavor. delicious, ethically sourced coffee!

The beans are sun-dried, and spring water washed; The result is pure, natural coffee derived straight from nature. A bold, rich, full-bodied taste, fresh and delicious!

This Coffee is shade grown at a high elevation in the mountains of Nicaragua in a Bird-Friendly Habitat, which is ideal for maximizing nutrient absorption, richness, and flavor.

The coffee is sun-dried, and spring water washed, with no additives.

Each coffee bean is hand selected to ensure purity.

The coffee is free of chemicals, pesticides, or other harmful processes that ruin the bean's purity. It's just pure, delicious, natural coffee straight from nature.

And because it's low-acid you won’t feel stomach discomfort, ulcers, gastritis, or GERD or deal with teeth issues from drinking this coffee. You'll enjoy a fresh, flavorful cup that's very gentle on your stomach and teeth.

This antioxidant-rich organic coffee delivers all the wonderful benefits of coffee.

Comes in a 12 Ounces bag of Dark Roast Coffee!

Some Things You Should Know

With an emphasis on responsibility, transparency, and sustainability, Lifeboost Coffee goes above and beyond to provide customers with the highest quality cup of coffee possible.

Every bag of Lifeboost Coffee is USDA Certified Organic by the Natural Food Certifiers in 2020 and every bean is 3rdParty Tested to ensure success.

The testing guarantees that no prohibited substances like herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers are present in the organic seal given to them by the USDA.

As further proof of this commitment to sustainability, Climate Pledge Friendly uses its certification program to place only products with a passion for protecting and preserving the natural world on its platform.

And as if this wasn't enough assurance of a fresh and delicious cup of joe if you try Lifeboost Coffee for 30 days and don't love it they'll give you your money back - that's why they guarantee their product one hundred percent.

Here’s Why We Think It’s One of The Best

Come to Mayorga Coffee's Muy Macho Roast like a heavyweight! The world's strongest coffee.

Crafted blend with organic and sustainably sourced beans from Peru and Honduras, giving it a unique flavor profile.

This shade-grown, Specialty Grade 100% Arabica coffee is roasted and packaged in the USA. This coffee is roasted in small batches, to give each signature roast a distinct flavor and ensure the highest quality.

The "low and slow" roasting process gives this dark roast an intense, deep, dark, and unique flavor profile, with a sweet chocolate finish.

It has gained a cult-like following for being so packed with boldness, making it perfect for those who prefer their coffee that way.

Perfect for grinding your own beans at home. The for the smoothest, freshest, most flavorful coffee experience. ground coffee.

So grab a 2lb bag of dark roast today - no need to wrestle over these delicious beans, just savor every sip like a champion.

Some Things You Should Know

Mayorga is a sterling example of what happens when a passionate entrepreneur has the vision to invest in and support excellence.

From the moment Martin Mayorga founded the company in 1997, he has been focused on sourcing and roasting only the highest quality coffee from Latin American farmers with whom he partnered instead of just trading with them.

His accomplishments in subsequent decades have propelled him and his company to become one of the leading industry figures.

The sustainability at all levels, from Latin American farms to their own facilities, is what sets Mayorga apart from others.

They are committed to Climate Pledge Friendly by helping preserve the natural world and are recognized as issuing USDA Organic products.

All these efforts are aimed at producing unmatched quality products which stand out in their flavor profile and remain unparalleled to this day.

FAQs About the Best Dark Roast Coffee!

It can be a new adventure to try a new Coffee and know which one is best for you!

With all of the different types of coffee on the market, it can be hard to figure out the Best Dark Roast Coffee brand you are going to love the most!

We’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide of Frequently Asked Questions to help you choose the best for your taste and flavor preference! This guide will help you understand what to look for when choosing the Best Dark Roast Coffee!

Which Dark Coffee is Best?

There are many great dark coffees out there. Some people prefer a smokier, earthier flavor while others prefer a chocolatey flavor. Look for a dark roast coffee that has a richer flavor. There are other dark roast options such as an extremely strong, one that has a really rich flavor.

If you're looking for something a little bit lighter that has a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness, it's perfect if you're looking for something to start your day with.

Whatever dark coffee you choose, just make sure to take your time trying different brands for your taste preference. You might want to try different types of dark roasts until you find one that you like best.

Which is the Darkest Roast Coffee?

People have different preferences for coffee roasts, however, some coffee aficionados believe that the darkest roast is the Italian Roast, which is a very dark brown or black color. This roast is so dark that it's almost been burned, and as a result, it has a bitter, smoky flavor. The darkest roast coffee is the French Roast. It has a very intense flavor and is often used for espresso.

What is the Difference Between a Dark Roast and a French Roast?

The difference between a dark roast and a French roast is that a dark roast is roasted for a longer time at a lower temperature, while a French roast is roasted for a shorter time at a higher temperature.

A dark roast will have more of the coffee's original flavor, while a French roast will be more intense and have less of the original flavor.

There is a lot of variation in the definition of "dark roast" and "French roast", but in general, a dark roast has a stronger flavor and less caffeine than a French roast.

A dark roast is roasted for a longer time at a higher temperature than a French roast. This causes the beans to release more oils, which gives the coffee a stronger flavor. It also causes the caffeine to break down more, so there is less caffeine in a cup of dark roast coffee than in a cup of French roast coffee.

What is the Difference Between a Light Roast and a Dark Roast Coffee?

The difference between a light roast and a dark roast coffee is that the light roast has been roasted for a shorter time, while the dark roast has been roasted for a longer time.

Light roasts are generally sweeter, more acidic, and have more caffeine than dark roasts. They also have less flavor than dark roasts. Dark roasts are generally more bitter, less acidic, and have less caffeine than light roasts. They also have more flavor than light roasts.

How Do You Pick a Dark Roast Coffee?

Dark roast coffees are roasted for a longer period of time, resulting in a coffee that is rich and dark in color. The flavor is intense, with a smokier taste and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

When choosing a dark roast coffee, it's important to consider your personal preference. Some people enjoy the intense flavor of a dark roast, with a bit more of a bitter, espresso-like flavor.

If you're not sure whether or not you'll like a dark roast coffee, it's always best to start with a milder variety and work your way up to the darker roasts. A light roast coffee will have a sweeter, more acidic flavor. It's always worth experimenting with different roasts to see which one you like best.

Why Do So Many People Like Dark Roast Coffee?

Many dark roast coffee lovers prefer dark roast flavors because it has a stronger flavor and less acidity than light roast coffee. Dark roast coffee is also known for its bitter taste, which some people find to be more enjoyable than the sweetness of light roast coffee. Additionally, many people believe that dark roast coffee is healthier than light roast coffee because it has a higher content of antioxidants.

Is the Much Difference Between a Medium Roast and a Dark Roast?

The difference between a medium roast and a dark roast is that dark-roasted coffee beans have been roasted for a longer time, allowing the beans to develop a heavier flavor and less acidity.

A medium roast coffee has been roasted for a shorter time, resulting in a lighter flavor and more acidity. The longer roasting time leads to the development of more bitter compounds and carbonized flavors, which some people find to be more palatable than the sweeter flavors found in medium roasts.

Why is Dark Roast Coffee Better For Your Stomach?

There are a few reasons why dark roast coffee is better for your stomach. First, the roasting process removes some of the acidity from the coffee, which can help to minimize stomach problems. Second, the dark roast process produces a coffee that is less acidic and more mellow in flavor, which can be easier on your stomach than lighter roasts.

Finally, some people find that dark roast coffee has a slightly bitter flavor that helps to suppress appetite and reduce cravings for sweet or fatty foods. Additionally, dark roast coffee contains more antioxidants than light roast coffee, which can help protect your stomach from disease.

What is the Best Brew Method For a Dark Roast Coffee?

Everyone has their own preference for how they like their coffee. However, some people prefer to brew dark roast coffee using a French press or a Turkish coffee pot. Others prefer to use an espresso machine.

The French press gives the coffee a nice smooth flavor and it doesn't have the bitterness that can sometimes be associated with dark roast bean coffees.

Is a Dark Roast Good For Making Espresso?

Yes, dark roast coffee flavors are good for making espresso. Espresso is typically made from dark-roast coffee beans because they have a richer flavor and can withstand the high pressure needed to produce espresso.

How to Brew the Best Dark Roast Coffee?

French Press (Course Grind): 6 Ounces of Water, 1.5-2 Tbsp Coffee Grounds, and Steep for 4-5 Minutes.

Pour Over (Medium Grind): 6 Ounces of Water, 1.5-2 Tbsp Coffee Grounds, and Steep for 2-4 Minutes.

Drip Machine (Medium Grind): 6 Ounces of Water, 1.5-2 Tbsp Coffee Grounds, 4-5 Minutes.

Espresso Machine (Fine Grind): Single Shot, 2 Tbsp of Coffee Grounds 30 seconds.

Is Dark Roast Coffee Healthier?

It depends on many factors, such as the bean variety, the roast level, and how the coffee is brewed. However, most experts seem to agree that dark roast beans are healthier than light roast coffee because it has a higher antioxidant content.

Antioxidants are important because they scavenge harmful toxins and free radicals in the body, which can damage cells and lead to aging and disease. Dark roasted beans contain more antioxidants than light roast coffee because of the way it is processed.

During the roasting process, the beans are exposed to high heat for a longer period of time, which causes some of their natural compounds to break down and form new compounds that are known to be antioxidants.

What is the Best Dark Roast Coffee? Here’s Our Advice!

We’ve provided a variety of the best options for you to choose from based on our thorough research and culling thousands of reviews from dark roast lovers just like you!

So, whether you are looking for a coffee that is We’ve included some great options like Extra Kick of Caffeine; 100% Arabica; 100% Colombian Excelso; Antioxidant-Rich & Low Acid; Specialty Grade; or a Non-GMO coffee, there is one here that will suit your flavor preference!

We hope that you found this information helpful and that it will help you to get the Best Dark Roast Coffee for your next perfect brew!

Need help choosing the Best Dark Roast Coffee? Look Here!

Extra Kick of Caffeine, Delicious, Bold, Smooth & Intense!

Death Wish Coffee, Whole Bean Dark Roast, - Organic & Fair Trade, Arabica & Robusta!

Best 100% Arabica Coffee, Bold, Deep, and Intense!

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Dark Magic, Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast!

Best 100% Colombian Excelso, Smooth, Robust Flavor!

Black Rifle Coffee Whole Bean, Beyond Black Dark Roast!

Best Antioxidant-Rich, Bold, Rich, Full-Bodied, Pure & Natural!

Lifeboost Coffee, Whole Bean Dark Roast, Low Acid, Single Origin, Organic & Non-GMO!

Best 100% Arabica, Bold Flavor, Specialty Grade, Non-GMO!

Mayorga, Intense Dark Roast Organic Coffee, Muy Macho Blend, World's Strongest!

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the Best Dark Roast Coffee!

We hope we have helped in your Choice of the Best!

Enjoy your Next Favorite Brew!

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